What is Ghosh Yoga?


Ghosh Yoga is a yoga tradition first practiced and taught by Bishnu Charan Ghosh beginning in the early 1900s. Although this tradition begins with him, it’s roots can be traced back through even earlier texts and philosophies.


An overarching phrase or mantra that can define Ghosh Yoga is: Posture. Stillness. Breath. In this practice we use stillness during and after each posture to create a tension and releasing effect. It is in the stillness that we experience ourselves in the present moment. 




All the postures we practice are either found in the 84 Classic Asanas or are postures used to move our body towards them. 84 is not the exact count of the number of postures, rather, it is a symbol of being whole or complete.


This Yoga System can be traced back much further than Bishnu Ghosh himself, and many of these postures and practices are similar to other traditions, with slight variations. We honour the Ghosh Tradition and practice these postures in the way this Yoga System has prescribed as each posture is creating something new. Each posture is not an end to itself but setting us up to move to the next shape. 





The one you know and will learn to love! This is the best example of the tension and release aspect of the practice. Move into the posture, be still in the posture, release the posture, all while maintaining mindfulness and breath. No easy feat! In our busy, quick paced world, the effort of holding in stillness can be very challenging. Learning to work in stillness can be the most rewarding. In a word we are creating Discipline through this practice.


Ghosh Flow

Ghosh Yoga comes with it’s own tradition of flows or Salutes. We honour that tradition by practicing them in our Ghosh Flow. The Salutes are made up of the Moon Salute, Sun Salute and Gods and Goddesses. Ghosh Flow classes will always have a combination of these powerful, energizing Salutes to warm the body and move the energy. 


In addition, we link or flow several postures together to build strength through movement and transition. We honour the Ghosh Yoga tradition by taking a moment to observe stillness in each posture and enjoy the release of tension after each flow.


26 Expanded & The 84 Full Series

In The 84 Full Series, sometimes referred to as the Advanced class, we practice the complete series. This practice takes a minimum of 2 hours to complete and we  will draw on the discipline we  have created. The 84 is best described as requiring an advanced mindset and willingness to try rather than needing an advanced physical practice. If you are familiar with the 26&2 postures, you are absolutely ready for The 84 Full Series. If you are still getting acquainted with the 26&2, take your time to develop discipline and get to know those postures in your tissues. 


The 26 Expanded class, sometimes called the Intermediate class, is the bridge between the 26&2 and The 84 Full Series. In this practice we draw on the discipline, build the strength we have, and begin to put the pieces together to practice The 84 Full Series.  The Expanded class is where we create the ‘next step’ the 26&2 postures and begin to experience why we practice those postures in such a precise way.


Skill & Drill and Backbending Club

To create the strength and flexibility for a certain posture or in a specific body part, we sometimes need a little extra. These classes and  workshops are designed for the yogi who wants a little bit more! Through repetition, hold and release, drills, and hard work, we develop specific muscles and create profound space in  the body. This is the muscle control side of Ghosh Yoga!