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  • What Should I Wear?
    Wear clothing that you will not find restrictive. Shorts and tops designed for sport are best. Over time you will find what works best for you. We are barefoot in the studio, so no need for socks or shoes.
  • What Should I Bring?
    - A large towel (Two if you are planning to shower after class) - Water bottle. Come hydrated to class - Yoga mat You can rent these items for $2 each if your have forgotten something. We encourage everyone to have their own yoga mats and towels. If you are not sure what to buy to were to get these items, ask us!
  • What Classes are Best for New Comers?
    If you are nervous about your first class, we have all been there! There are a few classes we recommend to get started with your yoga practice. 26&2, Yoga Elements and Strength in Movement are all excellent classes for you to get used to the postures and heat of the room. Pure Yin is also great if you are looking for a cooler class and want to start moving your body. You can read full descriptions of these classes on our Class Types Page. Remember, everyone in the room has had that ‘first class’ experience, so we know what it is like! Your body will get used to the heat and humidity over time.
  • Is There a Pricing Option for New Comers?
    Yes! We have the Intro Pass. This gives you a great opportunity to check us out, try a few classes led by different instructors and see if hot yoga and Calgary Hot Yoga are right for you. This pass is only available to those who are brand new to Calgary Hot Yoga and have never purchased a pass before. Find out all the details on our Intro Pass and purchase yours on our Pricing Page.
  • When Should I Arrive for Class?
    Our studio opens 15 minutes before class. Please arrive early to allow yourselve time to set up to have an amazing first class. We start class on time. As a student, it's best if you are set up on your mat and ready for class to start at that time. The studio is locked when class starts so unfortunately we can not admit late comers.
  • Is Hot Yoga for Everyone?
    Due to the high heat and humidity, Hot Yoga is not recommend if: - you are pregnant. - you have any kind of medical conditions, like high blood pressure. As always, it is very important to speak to your physician prior to undertaking a new exercise program to make sure you do not have any underlying medical reasons that would restrict you from taking part in a heated class.
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