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Studio Etiquette

Our yoga practice begins before we even get to the studio. We each have a roll to play to make sure everyone has a great practice. Below are a few things to keep in mind when practicing with us.

Help Everyone Have a Great Class

Arrive On Time

Arrive with enough time so you are set up on your mat at class start time. If you walk into the lobby when class is set to begin, you are late! We can not start class until everyone is in the room.

Check in

Remove your footwear when you arrive and let us know who you are at the desk. If we miss seeing you, this could result in an accidental no-show fee being charged. We also want to say hello!

Be Scent Free

The heat amplifies smells. And some of our yogis have scent sensitivites. If you are wearing perfume or cologne, have food or smoke odors on you, please have a quick shower before heading into the studio.

Power Off Devices

This is your opportunity to disconnect. Leave all electronics in the change room on silent. We discourage the use of wearable technology, but if you do wear it, don't look at it during class.

Bring What You Need

Yoga mat, towel, water bottle. That's all you need! Leave everything else at home or in the change room. If you do not have or forgot something, you can rent from us at the front desk. 

Leave Bags in Change Rooms

Drop the baggage! Only bring into the studio space what you need: mat, towel, water and yourself. All other belongings belong in the change room. The studio is locked during class and we have lockers for valuables.

Book Ahead

Booking ahead ensures we won't have to turn you away if class is full. It also makes check in very quick. Our instructors want to be chatting with you as you arrive, not typing on a keyboard.

Our Studio is Silent

Leave the outside, outside. Feel free to chat with your yoga friends in the change rooms or lobby. When you head into the studio, observe silence. This is your chance to start to let go of your day and get ready for class.

Practice Community

If our yoga mat is an island, the room is an archipelago. We are each having our yoga practice, but what do we on our mats affects others. Be mindful of those around you before, during and after class.

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