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I still remember my first Hot Yoga class at Calgary Hot Yoga: where I was in the room, how class went, and how excited I was to go back! Since then, my yoga journey has been about stepping into possibilities as they show up. From taking my first teacher training, my first teaching gig, to managing and eventually taking over CHY, opportunities just seemed to show up. Being a yoga teacher or a small business owner was never what I envisioned for myself, but the universe had other plans.

My yoga education is never ending. I took my first training at CHY in the late 2000s, then Yin training with Bernie Clark in 2013. I studied with Esak Garcia for a month in Portugal in 2019 and continue to take any courses and online trainings I can find.

The Ghosh Yoga lineage really resonates with me and that is why I focus on it at Calgary Hot. I believe in this fast paced work, taking some time to be still in our yoga practice can help balance us. It’s also why this practice can be so challenging!

In my own practice and in classes I teach I am always looking for possibilities. Where can I take my practice next? What can I create for my students to heal and enjoy being in their bodies? My sincere hope is you will join me on your mat and come explore what is possible.

26&2, Pure Yin


I discovered “26 & 2 Yoga” when I moved close to Calgary Hot Yoga some years ago. I started my journey by going to the studio two days a week, but within months I was coming more and more days, I started practicing at home, reading all kinds of YOGA books and going to retreats. That is when I realized that I was completely in love with this style of YOGA.

As soon as I had the chance, I got my certificate to teach YOGA and I became a 26 & 2 YOGA teacher in March 2020. Since then, I have been committed to improve my own practice and gain insight into teaching to be able to provide an effective and enjoyable practice to the yogis coming to the studio.

In October 2020 I obtained my certificate to teach “YIN Yoga” and an online certification on “Functional Approach”, getting a deeper awareness on how the body works and its capabilities, and I discovered new ways to encourage a safe practice to everyone. Teaching Pure Yin has brought balance to my yoga practice and a profound passion for relaxation and meditation. Right now, I am in the middle of my path to become a Meditation Teacher and Reiki Master.

Ghosh Yoga came to my life to stay. It has changed my life in so many ways and I’m continuously surprised at how much people can shift their minds and bodies through the practice of postures and stillness. I can’t wait to share with you breathings exercises, postures and meditations to strengthen the body and relax the mind!

Pure Yin


Yoga has been a part of my life for 11 years. I began it when I finally became tired of injuries from my lifelong dedication to running.

I teach yoga because at the core of my life’s vision is a desire to be in and of service to others. I seek to provide space and guidance for people to nurture their minds and bodies through yoga. After any given class, it is my greatest hope that my students leave their mat feeling restored, balanced, and at peace so that they can more effectively embrace life‘s journey.

I am RYT Yoga Alliance certified with 600 hours of training, including Power Flow training under Natalie St. Hilaire and Kathy Zorzitt in Calgary, Tier 1 Baptiste Yoga training with certification through the Baptiste Institute in Sedona, Arizona, Yin training under the leadership of Alan Mileham in Calgary, and countless other weekend trainings, intensives, and workshops with Canadian yoga masters such as Ryan Leier in Saskatoon, and Pam Rader in Kelowna.

I like reading, running races of all distances from 5 K’s to Marathons, camping, spending time with my hubby and two sons, and I shamelessly admit to an unhealthy addiction to watching only ONE reality show: BIG BROTHER!

Can’t wait to meet you on your mat soon at the amazing Calgary Hot Yoga studio!

26&2, Strength in Movement


Upon reflection, my introduction to yoga over 15 years ago seems rather unremarkable and short on details. What I can recall is where: Calgary Hot Yoga! What I can recall is why: I was a fitness fanatic and needed something to do on my “day off”. While hours at the gym and miles pounding the pavement faded away, I bloomed where I’d been planted.

My goal as an instructor is to have each yogi feel safe, supported, and able to let go of the outside world for a short time. I strive for every class, every posture, each exercise, to have something in it for everyone. Whether it’s your first class or one of many, I wish that you leave your asana practice feeling accomplished, relaxed, reset, and ready to carry on with a clearmind.

I had no intention of becoming a yoga instructor. Yet when the opportunity presented itself, it was an easy decision to make. I completed a 200 Hatha Yoga (26&2) Teacher Training in early 2020 and haven’t looked back. I study Ghosh Yoga postures almost relentlessly; their alignment and healing benefits. I have also completed my Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Bernie Clark.

I cherish my Family, friends, and dog. I am an avid reader. I unwind in the forest.

CHY is an amazing community; come join me on your mat.



Yoga, and specifically, the practice referred to as “26&2” or Ghosh lineage is instrumental in making me who I am today.  Since beginning to practice 11 years ago in 2010, I have practiced many styles; Bikram, Baptiste, Yin, and most recently Ghosh. I have dedicated myself to the Ghosh practice almost exclusively for the last 5 years when I found Calgary Hot Yoga and used it to rehabilitate myself from a spinal injury and subsequent surgery. I practice to this day as I truly believe that it is primarily responsible for my physical and mental well-being.

I became a 200-hour certified Traditional Series teacher in the Ghost lineage in 2020 mainly because I want to be able to afford others the same benefits that I experience with every single practice.

I am currently pursuing a further education in kinesiology and rehabilitation, hoping; one day, to be able to facilitate acceptance of yoga as a medically recognized treatment for all forms of rehabilitation, mental and physical alike.

When I am not in the studio as a teacher or student, I deeply enjoy spending time with my children (and 2 dogs), walking/hiking, and just generally being active.

I hope to see you on your mat soon, and until then – Namaste.

26&2, Pure Yin


Meeting my mat has been the most amazing thing that happened to me.  My very first Hot Yoga class was in this very studio. It was a team building experience with co-workers. In that very first class, I knew that there was more to this thing called yoga than the postures and it would change my life significantly.

My journey with yoga has been beautiful, challenging, exhilarating, trying and tearful but most of all rewarding.  Sharing yoga is my passion. Guiding people through a practice and being there for them while they find peace or let go of fear and find their strength is an honor.

Yoga is not just a physical fitness practice, regardless of your physical goals, yoga will seep into all facets of your life. I provide practices that are challenging for both body and mind, from mindful movement to strength and stamina building classes. They allow you the opportunity to explore your body, emotions and mind in a safe and empowering environment.

One of my favorite aspects about yoga is that you are always a student. Attending over 700 hrs of training and Self study intensives since 2009. I have studied the lineages of 26&2, Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra. I have a dedicated daily meditation practice, which has certainly influenced my teaching style.

Even when seated at the front of the room, I arrive with curiosity, learning from each person how to hold the space they need each time they step on their mat.

When I am not in the studio, my fun and free time is spent getting youthful with my Nephew, watching him grow and spending time with my family. On a toe line, refining my Dart skills and playing in a weekly league with my friends. Or on an easel, getting to know a new passion of Pastel Painting.

Whether it is a hard working hot practice or the sweet still space of Yin, I look forward to sharing yoga with you soon!

@cbesseyoga on instagram

26&2, Strength in Movement


I was introduced to hot yoga by my sister about 13 years ago and was hooked after the first class. The experience of the heat and the intensity it created, really helped me to calm the chatter in my mind and be present in the moment during my practice. Prior to this, I had always incorporated yoga into my fitness routine but it was not consistent.

Calgary Hot Yoga changed that for me. After a few years of practice I took my Level 1 certification and subsequently my Level 2 with Kim McMullen. Since that time I have begun training in the practice of Yin, enjoyed yoga retreats, workshops at the studio, and have enjoyed embracing the Gosh philosophy in our classes. I continue to teach the 26&2 honouring that lineage and have begun teaching the Strength in Movement class.

I believe that this practice has the ability to provide benefit to Individuals of all fitness levels. The therapeutic philosophy ties in perfectly in my training both as a therapist and yoga instructor.

When I am not at the studio, I enjoy time with my dogs, running, and all mountain activities. I am a voracious reader of all things self help and yoga so any suggestions are always welcome but fair warning, I will talk your ear off about them! I truly believe there is always something new to learn and explore, even in sequenced yoga! I look forward to seeing you in my class.

26&2, Ghosh Flow, Strength in Movement


I started practicing yoga about 8 years ago because I was desperately seeking to find a connection back to my 'self'. This Ghosh yoga I had been introduced to really resonated with me and I wanted to dig deeper into it.

I completed a month long, in-depth study of the e84 yoga program with Esak and his team in Portugal in May of 2019.  The same year I completed my first level of the Thai massage program. Followed by a further in depth study of a 3 week intensive training program of the 26&2 postures. With the completion of these training, I was very excited to share my passion and knowledge with others - thus, I started teaching.

I strive to bring balance of strength and compassion to my class and hope you leave feeling just a little bit more connected to your 'self'.

26&2, Pure Yin


Yoga started for me 20 years in a small apartment listening to a 2 disc CD with a man named Bikram telling me to lock my knee. My first attempt at yoga I puked, I cried…I loved it.

Since that day I’ve been on a journey to discover all I can about this magic called yoga. The thereputic benefits are unmeasurable, not to mention the conversation that starts between spirit and mind.

I love teaching yoga, digging deep and helping people understand the power of their breath. Calgary Hot Yoga has been my home studio for over 15 years and my plan is to be there for 15 more! See you all soon!