Updated June 20, 2020


We are very excited to reopen our doors to you, our yoga community! This page has all the information you need to attend classes safely. Also included are details on your memberships and passes.

Mask Policy

  • A mask must be worn at all times inside the studio EXCEPT during class. Once you are set up on your matt, you can remove your mask. Once class is over, you'll be asked to put back on your mask before gathing your items.

  • Anyone without a mask will be asked to put one on before entering the space.

Attendance Policy

  • We want to ensure everyone who wants to practice has a chance to do so. With our reduced class capacity this can be more difficult.

  • We are asking all members to only practice in studio once per day

  • If you would like to practice multiple times in a single day, you can practice virtually as many times as you would like!

Attending Class

  • Class capacity has decreased more than 50% to allow the 3 meter space required by AHS between yogis.

  • Drop Ins will not be allowed. All attendees must sign in online ahead of time.

  • Wait lists will be in effect for our classes. If you would like a spot in class and it's full, add your name to the list. If someone cancels, we will contact you that you now have a spot. Please make sure your email and phone number are correct on your profile and that you have enabled notifications from us.

  • Spots can be reserved 1 week in advance. 

  • Registration closes 30 minutes before class.

Cancelling Your Spot

  • You can cancel without penalty up to 3 hours before class starts. This will allow the next person on the wait list to be notified that they now have a spot.

  • Because spots are very limited, if you cancel with less than 3 hours before class, or if you no show:

    • Auto Pay and Unlimited (Intro Pass, Live Stream) members will be charged a $15 fee​.

    • Class Pass members and Drop In Members will lose the visit on their pass.

  • Cancellations can be done on our website or our app. Please familiarize yourself with how to cancel a class should you need to. We can not take cancellations through email or over the phone.​

Arriving for Class

  • The studio door will open 15 minutes before class.

  • Wear a mask to the studio and keep it on until you are on your mat. Your mask should be removed for class.

  • Please follow all floor markings and signage.

  • Check in for class at the desk where will contactlessly take your temperature.

  • Access to the change rooms will be limited. Please:

    • Arrive dressed ​and ready to practice. 

    • Bring all personal belongs with you into the studio space, limit the amount of items you bring in. Cell phones are best left at home or locked in your car out of sight.

    • Jackets and outer layers can be removed in the studio space and placed beside your mat.

  • Do not linger in the lobby. Head straight into the studio.​

  • Use the hand sanitizer located inside and outside the studio space.

  • Please follow red line in and out of the space. Front 2 rows lay with head near the mirror. Back row lay with head near the wall.

  • Align the top centre of your mat with one of the stickers on the floor. 

  • We will not be asking for silence in the studio space before class. We know you miss each other, so once you are on your mat, feel free to chat with your yoga friends and catch up. If someone around you is in savasana, allow them that time.

During Class

  • Remove your face mask for class.

  • Do Yoga!

  • The Instructor will remain on their mat and will not be walking around the room or giving hands on adjustments.

After Class

  • Leave the studio by following the red line on the floor. Please respect physical distancing recommendations and give everyone some space.

  • We will be exiting the lobby as soon as possible. Have your conversations outside in the fresh air.

Studio Amenities

  • Showers will no longer be available starting Monday, June 29.

  • The change rooms and washrooms remain open but please only use them if absolutely necessary.

  • Towels by the sinks have been removed. Use your personal towel to dry your hands.

  • Shared items such as shampoo and hair dryers have been removed.

  • There will be no rental items available including bottled water. Make sure you have everything you need for class.

  • All props have been removed from the studio. If you have your own, you are welcome to bring them.

Class Options

  • All our in studio classes will also be available virtually for those who would rather practice from home or were not able to get a spot.

  • Each class time will have a Virtual and In Studio option. Be sure you are signed up for the correct one!

Purchase Options

This section applies to all pricing options purchased or agreed to before and during our closure. 

If you are looking for information on current pricing options, please check out our Pricing Page

Auto Renew

Current Active Memberships

  • Memberships will continue as normal​.

  • Can be cancelled any time. Please give us a few days notice before your next payment date to make any changes.

Memberships Currently On Hold

  • Memberships will be reactivated for classes starting June 15.

  • If you do not wish to go back on your membership, you may cancel it outright. 

  • How cancellation will work:

    • Any remaining time will reactivate starting June 15.

    • On the next scheduled payment date your membership will expire.

    • Example, your last payment date was March 10. We closed our doors 1 week later on March 16 and you put your pass on hold. That would leave you with 3 weeks already paid for. Those 3 remaining weeks will restart on June 15. After that time, your membership will expire.

    • If you would like specifics on your membership, you can log in to your account.

Classes Covered

  • Auto Renew memberships cover all classes: in studio, virtual and outdoor.​​

  • Auto Renew memberships have full access to our On Demand class library. Check it our on your account.

Live Stream Unlimited

  • Membership will continue as normal.

  • Can be cancelled any time. Please give us a few days notice before your payment date to make any changes.

  • Live Stream Unlimited memberships only cover virtual class.

1/2/3/4 Classes per Week Pass

  • Membership will continue as normal.

  • Can be cancelled any time. Please give us a few days notice before your payment date to make any changes.

  • 1/2/3/4 Classes per Week Pass only cover virtual class.

Class Passes

Expired Passes

  • All passes that expired during our closure will be extended out through September 30, 2020

  • After this new expiry date, our normal extension policy will apply.

Passes About to Expire

  • Passes purchased before our closure but haven’t expired yet will be extended out 3 months.

  • This will be done on a pass by pass basis. Please be patient as we have lots of passes to manually update.

Classes Covered

  • Class Passes cover all classes: in studio, virtual and outdoor.​​

Intro Passes

Expired Passes

  • Intro Passes purchased prior to our closure in March will have any remaining time reactivated as of June 15.

Classes Covered

  • Intro Passes cover all classes: in studio and virtual.

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