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Ghosh Yoga Immersion Weekend

October 27-29, 2023

We are so excited to welcome Scott Lamps and Ida Jo to Calgary Hot Yoga this October

Scott Lamps and Ida Jo are yoga scholars and practitioners of asana/postures, pranayama/breath control, and meditation. They are the head teachers of Ghosh Yoga in the West.

They were awarded the title Yoga Acharya (Master of Yoga) by the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center, an ashram founded by Swami Vishnudevananda. They hold Master’s degrees in Traditions of Yoga and Meditation from SOAS University of London.

Their approach balances a deep knowledge of history and tradition; the most up-to-date scientific knowledge about the body and mind; and commitment to personal practice.

They treat every student they meet with individual care and attention, striving to bring health, perspective, information and peace.

Learn more about Scott and Ida

You Don't Want To Miss This!

Take your practice beyond the Asana.

Develop a more well rounded practice.

Gain perspective and insight on the benefits of Ghosh Yoga!

Weekend Immersion Sessions

Friday, Oct 27

Ghosh Yoga History


We will start by discussing the major transformation yoga underwent in the 19th and 20th centuries. We will then explore the history of Ghosh yoga beginning from its origins in Kolkata, India. Learn how this lineage evolved out of body building and therapy to what is practiced today. You will become familiar with the great students of Bishnu Ghosh and explore concepts such as sequencing, heat, and competition.

Learning where this lineage comes from and why it's practiced this way will set a foundation for your practice, not only during your Immersion Weekend, but your entire yoga journey!

Saturday, Oct 28

Foundations of the 26+2


In this workshop, we refine the basics of our practice to make sure we are on the right path. We will look into how to practice for maximum gain. After talking about practice techniques, we will focus on how to breathe correctly and how to correctly use our muscles. You will leave with your postures feeling easier, a better understanding of where to focus your effort and with an understanding of how to make progress. This workshop will include a lecture, a chance for questions and a full practice.

Reducing Stress & Improving Sleep


Therapeutic exercises are simple body movements to improve functional health, strength and range of motion. This workshop will focus on calming the body, breath and mind, reducing stress and creating a restful state.

Our Strength in Movement class is based on these therapeutic exercises.

Teaching: Seeing & Speaking

Yoga Instructors Only Session


Teaching requires us to know what to say and how to say it. In this workshop for instructors, we tackle what to look for when we’re teaching and how best to communicate that to our students. We will talk about general concepts, take specific questions, and work on teaching exercises to make us a more effective communicator.

Sunday, Oct 29

The Power of Pranayama


Learn the foundations of yogic pranayama (breath control) practice. We will begin with fundamentals of how to breathe and offer a handful of breathing exercises to build the right strength and focus. Learn how breathing affects the nervous system and how to control it. This can bring energy, relaxation or balance. We will teach pranayama exercises and practice them all together.

Advancing the 26+2


This class is focused on intermediate and advanced asana. We will go through preparations for the next steps in your postures. Participants will learn how to build the skills necessary to develop a more complex practice. We focus on the whole body by working on balance on the legs and arms, full backbends and forward bends and complex positions for the hips.

Sound scary? It's not! These advanced postures may not be part of your current practice, but thinking about how we may practice them one day will give us insight on work to do today.

Additional Session Information

  • Each 2.5 hour session includes lecture, answering questions, and practice (excluding the lecture only session).

  • The weekend is set up as a coherent immersion, where the 5 sessions complement and build on each other. 

  • The temperature in the yoga room will be warm (approx. 32C), not hot.


Full Weekend - Only $299
  • Includes all 5 sessions. Instructors Only session not included

Yoga Instructor Only Session - $65
  • This session is for current yoga instructors.

  • See Q&A question below on how to register.

Questions and Answers

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