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Since being founded in 2003, Calgary Hot Yoga as been guiding Calgarians in their yoga practice to heal their bodies and calm their minds.






This popular class is a sequenced practice of 26 classic postures based on the Classic 84 Asanas introduced by Bishnu Ghosh in Calcutta. These postures are designed to address every muscle, organ and joint in the body, strengthening the spine, stimulating the internal organs, detoxifying the entire system and opening the heart!


In this class we work through the Ghosh tradition of Sun Salutes, as well as Gods and Goddesses to really get the body warmed up. Then we work through different transitions and postures to challenge our body in new way, create muscle memory and still our minds.

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The Pure Yin classes will begin to work the connective tissues in the body that need to be exercised in a different way. Yin classes are room temperature and not sequenced. 95% of Yin poses are floor poses and we generally hold each pose anywhere from 1 minute to 5 minutes or more! A great class to calm the body, work with the breath and prepare for meditation.

26 Expanded/84

Build on the foundation you have been creating in your 26&2 practice. These 'intermediate' and 'advanced' practices will challenge and inspire you as we start creating some new shapes.

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