Studio Etiquette

Allow everyone to enjoy the space.

We want a space that everyone can enjoy and feel comfortable in. With these few guidelines, it will help us keep the studio running smoothly and create a calm, respectful atmosphere.

On Time

Starting your practice from a place of calmness is key! Give yourself time before class to get changed, set up your space, and let your stress start to fade away. Your body and your mind will thank you.

No Phones

Please turn off/silence your cell phone when you arrive. Leave your phone, as well as any other devices that chirp, buzz, or ring in the change room. This is your time to disconnect.

Shoes Off

We want to be your yoga home, and just like at home we walk around in sock/bare feet. If you can take off your footwear at the front, we would be forever grateful.

Take Rest

If you just need some rest during class, take rest, on your mat; it is a key element of every yoga practice. If you absolutely need to leave the space, let the instructor know before you step out.

Sign In

Please let us know that you are here! Sometimes it gets busy, but we always love seeing your face. Let the front desk know you are checking in for every class.


Everyone’s nose is different. Please avoid perfumes, the heat magnifies these smells. If you are sweaty after the day, have a rinse before class. Yoga clothes sometimes get funky, we have products that can help.

Leave Your Bag

We have cubbies for your belongings, and the studio is on lockdown during class. Please leave bags and keys in the changing room during practice.


The studio space is our sanctuary. Please set up your mat very quietly and no conversations in the space. Even a quiet whisper can disrupt. You are more than welcome to chat in the lobby before class.