So you want to try Hot Yoga?

We would love to have you! Do not worry, we have all had that first class experience. The most nerve wracking part is just walking in the door and not knowing what to expect. Just come! We will look after you after that.

Below you will find the answers to some frequently asked questions which should help you have a great first class at Calgary Hot Yoga.

What should I wear?

Wear clothing that you will not find restrictive. Shorts and tops designed for sport are best. Over time you will find what works best for you.
We are barefoot in the studio, so no need for socks or shoes.

What should I bring?

– A large towel (Two if you are planning to shower after class)
– Water bottle. Come hydrated to class
– Yoga mat
If you are missing any or all of these we do have them available at the studio.
– Towel rental – $2
– Compostable Cup for Water – $1
– Yoga mat rental – $2

Studio Etiquette

We have a few simple guidelines at the studio that help everything running smoothly and to allow everyone to have a great class.
Take a few moments to look over them here.

What facilities are at the studio?

Our change rooms are equipped with showers for you to rinse off after class. There are also shelves for you to leave your bags and coats. There are a few lockers if you wish to store your valuables there, please bring your own lock.
We have a lost and found at the studio. We keep all water bottles, yoga mats and clothes for 4 weeks. Any items not claimed are donated.

Where can I park?

There are a few long-term parking spots in the small parking lot in front of the studio, right at the corner of 37th St and 26th Ave. These are the spots that face 26th Ave.
There is also parking in the large rear parking lot and street parking along 38 St.
Please do not park in any spots labeled ’15 min parking’ at anytime as these are for our neighbours who need spots for their businesses as well.

Is there a class for new comers?

You are welcome to attend any one of our classes for your first time. We believe that we learn best from others, so every class will have a mix of brand new yogis to those who have been practicing for years.
If you are nervous about your first class, we have all been there! We encourage you to take a Hot 26 class for your first time. This is a set sequence, which means we do the same poses each class. This way you don’t have to learn new poses every class, and you can gauge your progress and learn how to pace how hard you are working. We also hold the poses a bit longer giving a chance to work on alignment and form. There are also more natural breaks in the class.
Remember, everyone in the room has had that ‘first class’ experience, so we know what it is like! Your body will get used to the heat and humidity over time.
If you want to explore our full list of classes, head to our Class Descriptions Page.

Is there a pricing option for new comers?

Yes! We have the Intro Pass. $49 for unlimited yoga for 4 weeks. This gives you a great opportunity to check us out, try a few classes led by different instructors and see if hot yoga and Calgary Hot Yoga are right for you!
This pass is only available to those who are brand new to Calgary Hot Yoga and have never purchased a pass before.

Is there an age limit?

We have an age limit of 14 and above. We say 14 to make sure our bodies are physically mature enough to handle the heat and to have appropriate body awareness. Sweat glands need to be mature enough to cool the body to stay safe in the room. We also want everyone to be old enough to stay focused for the entire class so as not to distract other yogis.
Anyone 17 years of age and younger will need to have a parent or guardian sign our liability waiver (click here).

How early should I arrive?

You will need to arrive at least 15 minutes beforehand so we can have an opportunity to make sure you are set up to have an amazing first class. We aim to start class on time, and it helps us out if our students arrive with time to spare. Our studio opens 30 minutes before class.
The studio is locked when class starts so unfortunately we can not admit late comers.

Is Hot Yoga for Everyone?

Due to the high heat and humidity, Hot Yoga is not recommend if:
– you are pregnant.
– you have any kind of medical conditions, like high blood pressure.
As always, it is very important to speak to your physician prior to undertaking a new exercise program to make sure you do not have any underlying medical reasons that would restrict you from taking part in a heated class.